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We spent several months studying Benjamin Franklin as thoroughly as we possibly could, Liam just enjoyed learning about him and his part in the Revolutionary war so much it was hard to bring that subject to a close, though if I’m being honest, it’s the inventor Benjamin Franklin that Liam was most enamored by.  He invented so many creative inventions, some of which we still use today, like bifocals, but Liam loves that he made a rocking chair that churned butter while he rocked.  And did you know that Franklin was the first person to suggest daylight savings time, in order to give farmers better use of daylight in the summer months, it was rejected and not set into motion for another 100 years! Benjamin Franklin’s birthplace was in Boston, and we visited the outside of his home on Milk St., here in the city. The original house has burned down, but they’ve put a marker on the front of the building to remind us this was where he once lived.  From 17 years of age and on, he spent the majority of his years in Philadelphia, a city he loved so very much and a city that played a vital role in our history as Americans.


We took a weekend to visit Philadelphia, to see the Liberty Bell, which Liam was giddy about seeing the crack up close and in person. And we visited the Benjamin Franklin Museum, a museum that older kids would really enjoy, but they still offered a child’s scavenger hunt, so Liam and Jude enjoyed searching around all the exhibits.


I was trying to find what else we could squeeze into our two-day visit, and I came across the Barnes Foundation and their temporary exhibit on Picasso, which is who we were studying for our featured artist, at the time. You, sadly, were not allowed to take any pictures in the exhibit, but it was really nice to see a broader collection of his work. What’s also really nice about the Barnes Foundation, is since it’s not a museum, it is set up more as a learning environment rather than just collections of art, it’s a beautiful place.



I have a childhood friend who now lives in Philadelphia, in the inner city, doing missionary work, and we were able to spend a good portion of our time with them as well. Rebekah just gave birth to her fourth boy, and I just love seeing these girlfriends of my youth embrace motherhood in the best of ways.



In addition to our weekend in Philadelphia, we took a field trip to the Museum of Science in Boston to show us a visual display of electricity and how it was that Franklin came to understand it.

We stayed at | Courtyard Marriott Downtown |

Books on Benjamin Franklin | Now & Ben | A Picture Book of Benjamin Franklin | Benjamin Franklin |Mesmerized: How Ben Franklin Solved a Mystery that Baffled All of France |

Additional books on the Revolutionary War | The Fourth of July Story |A More Perfect Union: The Story of Our Constitution | Shh! We’re Writing the Constitution |The Matchlock Gun |

Books on Picasso | Picasso and the Girl with a Ponytail |What’s So Great About Picasso? |Pablo Picasso |The Poor Man’s Picasso: A collection of ink drawings and coloring book |

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