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Washington D.C.

It took me a long time to visit our country’s capital, 35 years to be exact. I’m not entirely sure why, it’s always been on my list, especially to go when the cherry trees are in bloom. Which we missed this year by a week or so, but it was still beautiful.  For fifteen years, I’ve been laying over for work as a flight attendant, and they drive us out into Virginia for our layover. I hadn’t ever ventured into the city on my own or with my crew.  But I’m now happy to say I’ve been, I loved it (we all did), and we will happily go back again and again.

I’m going to go ahead and say it, DC may just be the best city to vacation with kids. Sure, the hotels are expensive, BUT the museums are free. So if you do the math, which I won’t because I don’t like math, it pretty much evens it out, right? We walked everywhere, a few taxis, but really it is a walkable city and with kids that’s important.


Before we left we had the three older children, aged 8,6, and 3, pick out what they’d like to do in the city. So we read all of the tourism sites and let them figure out what would most interest them.

Our 8 year old chose the Spy Museum, which is one of the few museums that are not complimentary, but it was worth the price. Our younger boy chose the Air and Space Museum. And even though we spent a full day here, we could have come back several more times because it is jam packed with interesting planes and rockets. Our little girl chose the Botanical Gardens, and I’m glad she did because that would have been top of my own list. Our hotel was by the United States Postal Museum, so we went for convenience and it ended up being one of the boys’ favorite parts of the whole trip. We also went to  Ford’s Theatre, grabbed some books on Abraham Lincoln from the gift shop and had a wonderful time learning about him in the museum there, and then going home and spending the next days absorbed with books on his childhood. He’s now our oldest’s favorite historical person.


Honestly, we took the trip because we had studied George Washington and we wanted to go to Mt. Vernon. So, we attached a few days before to our Mt. Vernon day and went and saw as much as we could in Washington D.C.

We drove out on our last day to see Mt. Vernon, and we thought we’d buy tickets once we got there, but they were all sold out and we had to fly home, so we never made it.

Alas, like I say after nearly every trip, we will just have to go back. I do suppose that is better than always needing to say, “I would never go there again!”

what we did | Ford’s Theatre | Spy Museum | Botanical Gardens | Air and Space Museum 

where we stayed |  Phoenix Park Hotel

what we read | Abe Lincoln: The Boy Who Loved Books | Abraham Lincoln, 75th Anniversary Edition

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