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Under Canvas- a perfect family vacation



Have you heard of Under Canvas? They’re taking the camping world by storm and have added the most glamorous twist! Glamping at its finest! They have locations all over the USA, The Smoky Mountains , Zion , Glacier , Moab , Yellowstone, Mount Rushmore, and Tucson . With more locations in the works in California and talks of Maine, It’s certain that Under Canvas will be a household name in no time!


We had the pleasure of visiting Under Canvas in their Smoky Mountain location and it was amazing! Just a three and half hour drive from Nashville, Atlanta or Charlotte, or splurge and fly into Knoxville, there are many options on how to get close to the Smokies and the drive, from any direction, is incredibly gorgeous!


Everything about Under Canvas has been carefully curated, every angle is photogenic. They have a wonderful main tent that houses the restaurant (they serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner) and a community area with couches and games for playing. Outside they have amenities like volleyball and picnic tables with a community fire pit where every night you can all gather together and make s’mores.



Under Canvas does a tremendous job of getting everyone outside together, which is pretty handy seeing as that’s their hashtag all over Instagram. But, it’s true and it feels special being able to visit with glampers who’ve arrived from all over. It is the perfect blend of hotel comfort and authentic camping.


I think that Under Canvas would be the ideal romantic destination or even with your closest friends for a weekend retreat! But for families, it’s pretty perfect too!


Here are five reasons why Under Canvas is at the top of our family vacation destinations! We really do have the desire to go to every single one of their locations, and we are pretty sure you will want to, too!

  1. With a variety of tent options, you can find something for every family size. Here is the room we stayed in, The Star Gazer with adjacent hive. Our room had the comfiest king bed, loved it more than my own, and two extra cots inside our main tent. And then we also had the hive, which is the cutest teepee with two twin beds inside! Our boys, 9 and 7, slept out there each night on their own and they had the best time. I’m certain that they’ll remember this experience long into adulthood! We comfortably slept six and could have absolutely added two more into our tent since the cots stayed empty each night thanks to little girls who like to sleep with their parents 😉 There is a variety of rooms for both occupancy needs and price! If you’re comfortable having community facilities then you can stay for half the price!
  2. Under Canvas knows how planning a trip can be overwhelming, especially for families with different ages to consider, so they’ve kindly put together a great list of activities that you can do while in each area. We loved that their list was easy to go over online and that you could ask questions in person and all staff was knowledgeable about the area and these activities. They also offer onsite massages as an activity, so while your kids are running around catching fireflies you can receive a massage right outside your tent!
  3. You have two options for food at Under Canvas (at least at the Smoky Mountain location). You can dine at the restaurant, which was delicious. We had breakfast there every day and we couldn’t get enough of how good everything was. Lunch and Dinner are also served and whatever you order, get the french fries as your side. Promise? good. Okay, but they also have areas set up with barbecues and picnic tables so you could make your own food. I can’t speak on behalf of all of their campsites, but in the Smoky Mountains, you can’t have any food in your tent, thanks to the ample amount of Bears in the mountains. But you’re a 20 min drive to the nearest store if you wanted to grab your food for the day and you can always keep things in a cooler in your car or in their community fridge.
  4. The campfire! Every single night the s’mores happen for everyone. It’s such a fun way to get out and meet the other families traveling through and the kids can find little playmates and make s’mores together. Some nights they have storytellers, some nights they have live music. But every night it’s a sweet emphasis on community and friendship with strangers. It’s really something special.
  5. The experience of being together in such a serene setting was much more special than staying at a hotel. The quiet pace, the gorgeous piece of property, the beauty of nature. As soon as we arrived we wished for two extra days because sitting out on your little wooden porch outside the tent and just watching the stillness and the children happy with sticks and rocks and their imaginations…..It’s just one of those vacations that helps you see each other because you’re not so busy seeing everything else.


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Our stay at Under Canvas was hosted, but all thoughts are ours and completely honest.

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