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This past spring I stumbled upon an article about the exhibit at the Art Institute of Chicago, Van Gogh’s bedroom’s, and I knew that the boys would love to go. Ever since our trip to Amsterdam, the children have grown a great fondness for his work and happily search for his works at our regular visits to our own Art Museum, here in Boston.  The exhibit was amazing, it featured all three paintings of Van Gogh’s bedroom’s, all of which had never been set side by side before, and many other pieces of his art.





Not only did we enjoy our time at the museum, but we also met up with our friends, The Smith’s , the same friends we traveled to Mackinac Island back in September, and it was so good to walk our way around that city together. We were able to check out the zoo, some awesome parks, but this one was the best park we’ve ever been to, and obviously you have to stop and see the Bean. And the eats, oh the eats are glorious in Chicago. It’s such a tremendously impressive city, and with good company, that makes it all the more enjoyable. My favorite night was hanging out in the Smith’s hotel room and having milk shakes and letting the kids play together. I’m so super grateful that this friendship with Becky has extended beyond our year in high school together. God is so good in the way he lines the friendships up in your life.








I’ve always loved that city, one of my favorite early marriage memories was a dinner date we had in Chicago, all of the details of that night still stand out in my head, all these years later, and to be able to continue to add more memories in that city feels so special. It’s definitely a place you could visit again and again.


We stayed at | The Warwick Allerton Hotel

Our favorite books on Van Gogh | Vincent Van Gogh: Sunflowers and Swirly Stars  | van Gogh and the Sunflowers  | Vincent’s Colors | Van Gogh | Dover: CYO Van Gogh Paintings |

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