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The first time I ever flew to Ireland was the most profound landing of my life. I remember so clearly, sitting next to my mother, and the feeling of coming home washing over me, though I’d never been to the island before.  But home overcame me and nestled into both my bones and my spirit and I have never been the same since. I want to travel the whole world over, maybe even two or three times if it were possible, but I’ll always keep coming back to Ireland even if it slows down my travels to elsewhere.

The autumn in Ireland is just gorgeous. The days feel moody and gray with that vibrant green below you. It’s by far one of the prettiest landscapes on earth. I’m not sure why it took so many years to get my own children over to the emerald isle, but now it’s a constant conversation about when they can go back. Ireland has become a part of them in the same way it became part of me. It’s magic, maybe because of the leprechauns, or the clovers, I don’t know exactly, but when a place grabs on to you it’s hard to ever get your heart back from it.

* Because I’ve lagged in writing about this trip, most of the tiny details I would have mentioned have escaped me, so I’m going to fill up the post with beautiful pictures of our time, and list the sources of our learning materials at the bottom of the post.

Books on Ireland | This Is Ireland | Irelandopedia: A Compendium of Map, Facts and Knowledge | Irelandopedia Activity Book | The Irelandopedia Quiz Book: An `Ask Me Questions’ Book | Historopedia: The Story of Ireland From Then Until Now | Focloiropedia: A Journey Through the Irish Language from Aran to Zu |Naturama: Open Your Eyes to the Wonders of Irish Nature

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