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St. Simons Island, GA

We have found a new favorite place in America! The gorgeous St. Simons Island, Georgia. Have you heard of the barrier islands that are along our eastern coast? There are five in particular, called the Golden Isles, all on the southern side of Georgia. One of them is St. Simons Island and it is an absolute dream spot.

There is only one hotel on the water, so obviously, that’s where you should stay for the best views and beach access. It’s a total bonus that it is also a Historic Hotel of America, so though there’s been a remodel on the inside lobby and additional villa buildings along the beach, you can find that old world, southern coastal charm! The King and Prince is absolutely amazing for families.

The resort property is beautiful and the pool area is perfect for lounging. Three pools, side by side, with the smaller two catering to younger children. We loved the 1 foot and 3 foot options, perfect for sitting poolside with a Pina colada and letting your children enjoy themselves without inducing panic attacks for you.

We loved walking out to the shore, the beach is huge which is great for sand playing and the waves were always calm when we were there. I don’t know if that is standard, but it was great to have calm waters the children could play in and our stay was in early May, which gave us a surprise of washed up jellyfish. Apparently, the blooms of jellyfish get caught up in the warm current and come out to the shore where they lay out in graveyards. It was such a sight and we would love to come back next spring to witness it again!

The resort has a great restaurant, the only restaurant on the island that has a view of the water while you eat, Echo. Echo was great for breakfast, we loved the pancakes (shaped like crowns) and the warm peach parfait was delicious and you should never pass up peaches in Georgia, right? For dinner we recommend starting out with the Truffle fries and sip on the White Peach Sangria alongside your meal.

There’s also a great little snack shop, called The Cottage, which has great pastries and coffee for the morning and frozen custard that is delicious. This was for sure a favorite day spot to slip in and get a treat and it’s so nice that it is on the resort property.

Our room was one of the beach villas. This was absolutely perfect for families or traveling in a larger party. We had a full kitchen, laundry, two full baths and two spacious bedrooms. Along with a great balcony to watch the sunrise. It would be so great to spend an entire week here. Each villa building also has their own pool and hot tub, so you have additional swimming options, though if you want that Pina colada, you’ll need to head to the main pool area.

Though the sun doesn’t set on the shore of the King and Prince, the sunset skies were absolutely brilliant. It is really such a gorgeous spot!

Aside from the wonderful resort, the island itself is such a great destination. It is speckled with lovely playgrounds, a great library, a historic lighthouse museum and a great visitor center where you can pick up a map to find the Tree Spirits carved around the island. We seriously loved it so much, we can’t wait to come back and we even now dream of living on St. Simons Island one day!


The King and Prince hosted us during our stay, but it is true it is now one of our favorite family trips of all time and we highly recommend adding the resort and St. Simons Island to your future travels!

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