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Social Distanced Vacation, at Huttopia

We have a lot of places we love in this world, the beautiful gift that you bring home when you travel.

But, now that the world has changed and though traveling is still somewhat accessible, avoiding crowds is important to keep in mind. Huttopia is the perfect spot to do this.

Reasons Huttopia is the perfect Social Distanced Vacation:


  1. The campgrounds are all spaced out, which gives you a sense of privacy, and even if they’re totally booked up, you still have so much space to yourself. Perfect for little ones to run around without coming into contact with other people.
  2. Each campground has a fire pit, portable barbecue, mini-fridge, tiny kitchenette, private bathroom, and sleeping space for 5. Once you’ve arrived, there is no reason to leave your little site.
  3. If you wanted to leave your site, masks are mandated throughout the property. On the weekends, take a trip to the on-site food truck for some delicious crepes.
  4. There are still plenty of amenities that you can enjoy, pool, playground, basketball, and volleyball as well as a game room. And with so much offered, it’s easy to rotate from an activity without being surrounded by crowds.

The list of where to travel is never-ending, but right now, with so many limitations on what is open and what is not at your destination, it just makes sense to spend your time away enjoying the people you’re with. And a few days in the woods is so healing for your soul, especially during a time when we are all more taxed than normal.

Huttopia is the ideal vacation. You get that bonding that comes with the slowing down pace of “camping” while not sacrificing comfort.  Their Trapper Tents are so comfortable, and we’ve stayed in them during late spring,  mid-summer, and early fall. All seasons are completely comfortable. And since there is electricity in the tent, you can bring a fan or a space heater (though there is a ceiling heater already provided.)  There isn’t a bad season to visit, which means you can be flexible about when you go.

We love this place so much. And in truth, would visit again and again, but especially right now.  This year has brought a perspective that family and time with your loved ones is the most important thing in the world. So, if you have the opportunity to make a trip to the woods with Huttopia, your family and you will be better for it.



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