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Samoset Resort, Rockport Maine

Mid-Coast Maine

Maine is absolutely stunning, especially the mid-coast, which might be my favorite part of the whole state. We’ve been traveling to the mid-coast for years, some of our favorite towns in New England are there and living in MA it’s just about a 3 hour drive. This year we stayed in Rockport, the perfect location for day trips around the area. We had the opportunity to stay at Samoset Resort and it is by far our favorite place we have ever stayed in the area.

Samoset Resort

The resort is set on 230 acres of coastline, so the views are tremendous. You’re right on the gulf of Maine, so the water is calm (there is a small beach you can access from the resorts property). It is picturesque seeing the little lighthouse sitting out at the end of the stone path. We recommend taking an evening to walk out to the lighthouse, it is slower with children, but it is beautiful being out there at golden hour and standing a mile out into the water. 

Samoset is perfect for families, we stayed in a suite with a hot tub on the balcony! That hot tub is the reason my children now vote Samoset as their favorite hotel in the world. It was so nice to sit out there, privately, and after the kids would get out of the pool and be chilled from the walk back to the room, we could warm them up. We stayed in mid June, and as you probably know, June can still be chilly in Maine, so with weather unpredictable, if you’re wanting a warm visit to Maine, I’d recommend July or August.  Early June is great, though, especially if you’re wanting the scenery without the summer crowds. Though the resort was full when we were there, the property is so expansive, we were rarely around others, even at the pool. The property has a real “backyard feel” and since there are so many different spaces for guests to gather, you’re never right on top of one another.


Samoset has a great golf course, but if you’re not there to golf and you have your children, you’ll be just as entertained. There is a really cute playground, picnic area, giant chess board, croquet, soccer field, volleyball, a large community fire pit, and a really great zero-entry pool. The pool was a favorite of the kids, and as parents of multiple aged children, we loved that our strong swimmers could be off on their own and the littler children still had 1/2 of the pool to play around in, as there is such a large shallow end for them. There was always an assortment of balls found around the pool area, which made it great for the kids, too. Oh, I almost forgot about the indoor pool, which was so great on our last morning, it was raining, so we hurried off to the pool right after breakfast. 

Another great thing about Samoset is that they’re a dog friendly hotel, as part of the Opal Collection, they offer a Opal Paws program which makes traveling with your entire family, absolutely possible.

The Resort has always been famous in mid-coast Maine. Originally called the Bay Point Resort 1889, the Poland Spring Water family purchased the resort in 1902 and changed the name to Samoset, the name of the Pemaquid Chief, one of the first groups of people to meet the pilgrims off of the Mayflower. It thrived through the golden age of luxury resorts in the early 1900’s until the Great Depression came where it struggled for a couple decades until it was closed down and shortly after, caught on fire. In the 70’s it was purchased and rebuilt to what it is today! And since then, it’s back to having the reputation of being one of New England’s premier luxury resorts.

We thought Samoset Resort was absolutely amazing and we will definitely visit again. We were so grateful to be their guests and all thoughts are honest!

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