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Park City, Utah

Park City, Utah

In a time where choosing the right place to travel has even more than the usual travel expectations, we have found the ultimate destination for families looking for a safe and otherworldly vacation at the same time, Waldorf Park City, Utah.

Park City, Utah

Traveling has always held some of our favorite memories together, it acts as the glue that holds our little life. A string of adventures that make us what we are.

Park City, Utah

Even pre-pandemic, taking great effort in where we traveled or stayed was important to us. As a family of six, with four small kids, comfort is at the top of the list. As well as feeling safe, having adventurous things to do, and being someplace pretty.

Park City, Utah

Now that COVID-19 has dramatically changed our world, traveling is even more of a worry. And with the desire to find a place that makes you feel completely safe, while still preserving the magic that is a vacation, we found The Waldorf Astoria Park City.

Park City is located just under an hour from Salt Lake City, Utah, which is convenient to fly into from all major cities across the US.

While Park City is primarily known as being a winter ski destination, it’s actually an ideal all-seasons destination. Located in the mountains, Park City is 7,000 feet above sea level, keeping the summer temps absolutely perfect. The town itself is so charming, with a bit of an old west vibe, and with Main St. Located on a hill with the Mountains in the background, idyllic is the perfect word. Aside from being the biggest ski resort in the world, you also have hiking, biking, water rafting, and more!

With life now being restricted to where we can travel, Park City is a great option because it does carry that storybook setting that really makes you feel like you’ve traveled someplace special and someplace far away, even if you live close by.

Everyone wants their time away from home to feel extraordinary, especially when we are now so limited on options. BUT!!! Waldorf Astoria Park City is by far one of the nicest places you could ever go to and they’ve gone to such great lengths to make the stay safe for you. It is really the perfect place to take your family for a few days of rest and rejuvenation. The luxury hotel is located in the Canyons Village, just ten minutes from Main St., in Park City.

The rooms are immaculate and the beds are like heaven. The entire kitchen is stocked with everything you need and everything is ensured that it is sanitary. The suites come with a washer and dryer, which was fabulous to do our laundry the night before we left. And all bedrooms have a fireplace! You’ll feel hard-pressed to even want to leave the room, but when you do, you’ll be so happy you did 😉

The pool is open, you’ll just need to make a reservation for your lounge chairs. This makes it really wonderful down by the pool, because there is a limit to how many guests are around or in the water with you and your family. Each blocked time frame is 3 hours long, so you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the pool. If you’re feeling like a treat, I recommend grabbing a lava flow from the poolside bar.

Powder is the Waldorf’s restaurant and during this time, all seating has been moved down by the pool on the patio, with outside seating. It’s really a wonderful ambiance down by the pool, encompassed by the gorgeous mountain cabin feel of the hotel. The food is exceptional, we highly recommend getting the Organic Mary’s Chicken Breast and for dessert, the Flour-less Chocolate Terrine. Though now that I’m home, I realize I never tried the cheesecake, so have a piece and let me know how it is!

The Waldorf Spa is a wonderful way to spend a morning or afternoon. Nearly all of their services are open, with the exception of couple and stone massages. All of the staff wears a mask for protection and unless it interferes with your service, guests will wear them too.

Our entire time at the Waldorf felt completely safe and comfortable. Our souls had been hungry for a time that felt like before the pandemic and the Waldorf really brings you back to the old feelings of taking a carefree vacation, all while not sacrificing safety and cleanliness for your protection. A trip to the Waldorf Astoria Park City gets to be carefree, because they’ve taken so much time to ensure that you’re getting the best of the best, in every single detail of your time there with them.

If you happen to venture out to Main St., there is a wonderful Park City Museum, filled with the history of the city. It’s a very interactive museum, so the children really loved it. All tickets are by reservation only, this way they can help keep the bodies in the museum at a minimum. Dolly’s bookstore is a great little bookstore, we always love stopping into the small bookshops and buying a book for the kids. It’s always nice to help support the small shops around the world as you make your way through it.

For meals, The Eating Establishment is great! They serve breakfast all day which the kids loved because nothing is better than french toast for dinner! And their BLT with avocado was superb! And if you love pizza and pasta, Main St. Pizza and Noodle is a delicious stop! We had the Barbecue Chicken pizza and it was so good (best part was maybe the leftovers that we reheated in the oven in our kitchen at the Waldorf!) and the kids made pizza’s with their own selection of ingredients, which they loved! These restaurants were incredibly special to us because they were the first time we had been inside a restaurant in over five months! What a treat!

Our stay in both Park City and as guests of The Waldorf Astoria was in partnership. But all thoughts are our own and honest. We can’t recommend this sweet town and Hotel enough!




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