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Montage Palmetto Bluff, perfect escape for families.

Montage Palmetto Bluff

From the moment you enter through the gates of the 20,000 acres of pristine nature reserve, you know you’ve found a remarkably special corner of the world.

If the south was a body, Montage Palmetto Bluff, would be the heartbeat.

Red brick sidewalks and gas lanterns adorn the streets, the jewelry on the prettiest lady you’ve ever come across. The resort is nestled within a neighborhood of, who must surely be, the happiest people alive. And though you’re a guest, you feel like it’s a place that recognizes you and knows you well. Here, in Palmetto Bluff, everything you desire for your family holiday is within those gates that welcomed you. There are 8 restaurants, nightly s’mores by the river, shops, playgrounds, even dreamier swings hung from the mighty branches of sleepy oaks, and acres and acres of southern charm. We make our way through the streets by bicycle or golf cart and we point out alligators and osprey and sassafras trees. We wrapped our hearts up in Palmetto Bluff and will carry it with us wherever we go.

Montage has strived to keep the natural land and because of that, everything around you is lush and reminiscent of times past. I can only liken the experience of Montage Palmetto Bluff, to this; you find the most idyllic scene in any movie that your heart holds dear and then you magnify that by 10x and you will have the perfection that is Palmetto Bluff.

Accommodations at Montage

The Montage resort has rooms and suites. They also have cottages, which are absolutely adorable, here is where you’ll find those gorgeous oaks with swings and everyone’s turquoise bikes parked near their whitewashed cottage, is just too perfect.

 We had the honor of staying in one of their residences, which are privately owned homes that the resort can rent out when the owner is away.

Staying in one of the residences was an absolute dream experience. We loved that we had total privacy, an amazing view out the back porch, access to our own golf cart to make our way around on our own. Staying in a residence also has the added bonus of being able to utilize the extra pool for those who call Palmetto Bluff home. The children loved how special it felt and we loved that we had the space of a home rental, but we didn’t miss out on the great benefits that staying at a resort afford you, like room service and house keeping.

Our backyard view of the cottages across the water. You can take a Duffy boat around the fresh water lakes that run throughout the property or go fishing.


For Children

Montage has an amazing program called Montage Merits, which helps encourage children to try different things around the reserve so they can earn little badges to bring home with them. This was something that my children really loved doing and I know those little pins will be cherished for a long, long time. And their eagerness for another trip to the low-country to finish off the rest of the list is really cute, too.

Montage also has a daily children’s program, called Paintbox, for children 5-12. We never tried it out, but it looks like so much fun for them if you’re hoping for an adult day. They do have an adults only pool with poolside service, so this would be a great way to utilize that.

We enjoyed a family outing with one of Montage’s Naturalists, Brian. He took us all around the property, on a really (hot) walk, and taught us about the indigenous trees and showed us more of the heart behind Montage and their desire to not destroy nature to make a place for humans, but for humans to blend into the natural design of the low-country. He taught us about the local animals, showed us nests hidden in the trees, taught us about differing pinecones, showed us different birds and squirrels. It was really great, I highly recommend taking the time to take this tour so you can appreciate the gorgeous piece of land that Montage has worked so hard at making a glorious place for you to enjoy.

If you love being active in nature there is something for everyone. Archery, bocce ball, tennis, golf, kayaking, a shooting range, horse riding, a bowling alley are just some of the ways you can entertain your family while you’re here.

One of the best things we did was our dolphin cruise with Outside Palmetto Bluff. You leave right from the resort property and cruise down the May River where you will find several dolphins. Our tour also took us to a little island made entirely of shells, so so special for the kids.

We also just love a good place to swim and Montage has a great family pool with poolside service of delicious Mexican food.


We had breakfast and lunch at Octagon, for breakfast I recommend the farm fresh egg sandwich and for lunch the hot honey fried chicken sandwich.

Buffalo’s is delicious, we had the freshest pizza and the meatball appetizer is amazing, you might need to order two! They also have breakfast, so next time we will head there one morning, too.

Melt has a fun parlor vibe for ice cream and it is located right next to the cutest children’s shop.

Canoe Club is really the best choice for fine dining and the view on the screened in patio is really gorgeous of the May River.


Everything about Montage Palmetto Bluff is absolutely incredible, though our trip was in partnership with the resort, all thoughts are completely honest. I’m continually grateful for many of the amazing experiences I’ve been awarded here on earth, but Montage will always hold a place of complete awe for me. I’m grateful to have experienced the magic that it is, and blessed to be able to share it with you.


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