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Montage Laguna Beach, a family stay by the seaside

As I sit here, our home in MA is covered in several feet of snow, and I think I’m sitting in the best spot in the world, but if I could trade places for any place, it would be the view of the sea from Montage Laguna Beach. We had the pleasure of staying for a couple nights in early November and it was absolute perfection. We had been fortunate enough to visit Montage Palmetto Bluff earlier in the year and we were so excited to see another Montage property. There is something that sets the Montage apart from other luxury hotels. Each stay feels like it is curated for the individual guest.

This property is by far the best of all oceanfront resorts in Southern California. Although the others have a view of the ocean and offer a tram down to their own beachfront, Montage Laguna Beach sits close enough where you can take a quick walk down to the sea and play in the tide pools. There are walking trails off of the property for you to enjoy a beautiful walk along the Pacific.



Our dreamy rooms were an Ocean Coastal Suite, which I couldn’t get over how wonderful it was! Connected to our Suite was a two queen bedroom for the kids! The rooms are insanely inviting. They’re so bright and cheery, decorated with coastal colors and all three rooms (two bedrooms, one living room) had giant sliding doors you could open up entirely to take in the ocean breeze. Absolutely an incredibly comfortable stay and in our top three hotel rooms ever.

We could have moved right in, I often wish we could. When rooms are this perfect, it is hard to want to leave the room and enjoy the rest of the resort.

A really special addition to our living room was the tent that Montage set up for our little girls to play in during our stay. Our older daughter slept in the tent each night and loved having her own little camping experience.


The Montage children’s program is called Paintbox and it is such a carefully curated kids club. The kids get to play, have structured activities and go swimming. Our kids were lucky enough to spend a half day within the program and they couldn’t believe how much they loved it.

Our children loved these Perler beads so much that we had to surprise them with some for our own house. They call them Montage beads 🙂

The program is available for half day and full day sessions and a lunch is included. We also love the Montage Merits program, encouraging kids to take part in as much of the local activities and explore the natural habitat around the resort. The children can get their rewards from the concierge as little tokens of their time at Montage. My children love these so much.

The Mosaic Pool

Your first sight moment with the pool is instant love. The pool bottom is completely made of mosaics and it is stunning from the main floor of the resort.

We were absolutely spoiled and had our own Cabana by the pool. These cabanas are available to rent for the day and make it so convenient to enjoy your day. We were able to come and go throughout the day and leave our things in our cabana.

Dining at the Montage

I recommend starting every day off with room service, I’d honestly do anything to delay leaving the room, so having a relaxed breakfast each day was fantastic.

Everything was delicious and the service was wonderful, the staff even set the table for us so we didn’t have the food cart stay in the room.

For lunch we enjoyed eating out in the sun at the Mosaic Bar and Grille. We also had a date lunch here while the kids were at Paintbox. The live music at the pool was so enjoyable.

For dinner, the very best meal in Southern California is found at The Loft. The Coffee Crusted Prime New York is otherworldly. Our favorite sides were the Yukon Potato Puree, Brussel Sprouts, Grilled Broccolini. The Loft is open for Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and brunch on the weekends.

Everything about Montage Laguna Beach is dreamy. The property stands out amongst all of the other Southern California luxury resorts because of its ability to merge decadence with quiet seaside charm. This is the type of place you want to come for the special moments of your life. We didn’t come for any particular occasion, but the moments are now some of the most special to us.

We couldn’t be more thankful for our time at Montage Laguna Beach. It is simply extraordinary in every way.


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