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When I was a little girl, Hawaii was where we went in the summer. One to two splendid week/s out in the south pacific, you can’t get a better dream destination. So, I started out quite spoiled with my idea of a holiday ๐Ÿ˜‰


Sam and I have been back -once a little over a year into our marriage ย and then again Easter week when Liam was a year and a half and Jude was just a tiny baby inside me.


Something about Kauai feels like home to me, I think because we went to this island the most out of all of them, as it is my fathers very favorite. But I feel pulled there, and although I wouldn’t say no to living on any of the islands, Kauai would be my first choice. It’s just so gorgeous.

When we get to a place we like to dream really big about what our future looks like and for us we dream of being a full time traveling family, for at least a few years. Then we’d like to have a few different homes around the world in our favorite places and just travel back and forth to our favorite spots. And of course we’d rent them out when we are not there, because we want to share our favorite spots with you. Anyway, dreams remain dreams unless you work towards them and this next year will be the first year of us actively working to turn our family into consistent travelers. Through this blog and instagram, we hope to change the direction of our life and eventually leave Boston as our full-time home base. We do love the city and will always come back to visit it once we no longer live here. But, wanderlust is calling and I don’t think either Sam or I will feel complete unless we do everything in our power to turn our life into how we dream it to be.

That’s my heart and it seems risky to share my big dreams to the internet, but they must be said. And just because they’re bigger than what some might say are realistic, it doesn’t make them wrong or foolish. It makes them mine. And I’m proud of them and I hold them close to my heart and fold them up and carry them in my pocket with me, everywhere I go. And I’m excited to share where I go, with you.



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