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Huttopia, Glamping in the Adirondacks


Every year we return to Huttopia. It is kind of that marker in time for us as a family – how much have the kids grown since the last time, reflecting on the events that made up our time away. Our trip there is always like a reset, it’s probably the days in the quiet woods that lend a hand in helping you decide exactly what you’re thankful for and where you’d like to go and what you’d like to accomplish before you’re settled in the woods again. But regardless of what our in between times have looked like, our time at Huttopia is always a gift and will always be some of our favorite memories of our escapes away from our normal life. I really love my children at home, but I really love my children here – in the woods, delighted in the wonders of sleeping in a tent in the woods (albeit a tent with a fireplace) and early mornings followed by late nights down by the fire. Marshmallow goo and mosquitoes covering our limbs and our memories.

We have visited Huttopia’s New Hampshire location and their southern Maine property. This year we headed to the Adirondacks, which we’d never been to before, and we loved it! We definitely hope to visit the area again in the future.

The property is brand spanking new, opened this year – 2021, so as of our stay some amenities were not available. The pool has been pushed back so, check before you go! But even thought the pool wasn’t open, we didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to make these memories and Huttopia still has so much to offer with their little onsite restaurant making crepes and pizza. And they have plenty of games and books to keep you entertained. It feels like a cute little resort every single time.

Like their other properties, the trapper tents are all spaced out with plenty of privacy and always nestled alone with your own fire pit and lounge area. The Adirondack location was great, as each glamping tent is set up on a small hill, they’ve situated the tents with a nice, large balcony for plenty of room to eat or hangout.

Our favorite thing about glamping with Huttopia is the fact that everything is provided! We absolutely love the spontaneity about being able to plan a camping trip and not having to round up a single thing besides what you’ll wear and some bug spray (you’ll always need the bug spray). For a family of six, bringing two bags with you as your luggage is AMAZING. Food is so easy to plan for as well, because each tent has a small fridge, so there is zero stress about how to keep all of your non perishables from perishing 😉

We brought our dog with us, all dogs are welcome – you just can not leave your dog unattended in your tent during the day. We loved being able to bring him, as our first ever visit we brought our beloved dog who passed later that year. It was really sweet to make new memories camping with a pup.

What to do near Huttopia Adirondacks

We really loved this location because the list of things to do outside of the property was great for families! We spent a day at Six Flags and wanted to do more in the area, but the weather was drizzly and off and on a quick summer storm would roll in, so we were not able to do much adventuring in nature which just means we have to go back, I think.

  • 1. Six Flags, The Great Escape – we spent a day here and had such a great time. It was one of our better experiences at amusement parks because the crowd level was actually tolerable and there were varied rides for each of our children’s height groups, so everyone felt like they had a great time.
  • 2.Lake George Shoreline Cruises – Thursday nights they have fireworks from April through October.
  • 3.Lake George Steamboat Co. – another great way to view fireworks on Thursday nights through the season!
  • 4. Revolution Rail Co. – We can’t wait to try this pedal powered bike through the mountains on an old Railway.
  • 5. Natural Stone Bridge and Caves – the largest marble cave entrance in the east.
  • 6. Whitewater rafting on the Hudson and Sacandaga Rivers – this is probably best for families with slightly older children than we have, but it sure sounds like fun to try one day.
  • 7. Lake George Expedition Park – Dino Roar Valley and Magic Forest, my kids would love this dinosaur themed park which has lots of hands on exhibits and a petting zoo.
  • 8. Adirondack Extreme Adventure Course – the largest (and first) aerial tree-top adventure park in the United States


Our time with Huttopia is genuinely some of our favorite moments as a family, its the perfect blend of wilderness meets hotel, so our blend of personalities all gravitate towards something different that glamping offers. Our years partnering with Huttopia are such a gift to us, all thoughts are our own and truthful!

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