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glamping in the White Mountains, NH – a review of Huttopia


Sometimes you take a trip someplace and you just know it in your heart that you’ll have to go back and experience it again, you know? Big city dream trips like Paris or a little island vacation in Greece come to mind, but so do some of the simpler places. The type of trip that just is slow and settles into your soul. Last summer we visited the White Mountains  and we had the best time at Huttopia . We knew right away that we’d love to visit again.



This year we were overjoyed to be invited back to experience the magic of the White Mountains and the little camping resort of Huttopia.



The camping tent we stayed in was this and we loved how much space it has, even for the five of us plus a baby! So, six, depending on the ages of your children, could totally fit in here! There is a bunk bed, full mattress on the bottom and twin on the top, so you can easily fit three on to the bunks! It has a kitchen with a working sink and a tiny fridge. Huttopia provides all dish-ware, a dishtowel, silverware, soap and garbage can. In the bathroom there is a toilet and a shower, perfect for washing off the camping dirt each night.  Inside the Trapper tent is also a dinner table and a closet area to hang anything you need, as well as a portable stand to line dry any clothing. Huttopia provides so much, that basically all you need to worry about packing is yourselves and the food! I would suggest bringing your own portable air fan for cooling off the tent if you’re going to be there through July and August. Last summer we were there the first week of August, we had not brought a fan and the tent wasn’t enjoyable during the day and we had to wait until the evening for it to cool off some. During our visit in June, the weather was perfect during the day and a fan wouldn’t have been used had we brought one. But, keep that in mind depending on when you go!



Each tent comes with their own private fire pit, which we loved using to cook all of our meals over the open fire, plus s’mores at night. A picnic table is also out by your fire pit and we loved having the ability to eat out there and set the kids up with painting supplies and knowing they had a little area to create was great.

The other amenities at Huttopia are amazing, they have a pool with a knee deep wading area for smaller children, an airstream food truck that serves homemade pizzas and crepes! They have an activity program that organizes activities for children and the whole family. You can rent canoes or kayaks and play in the lake. Most of the tents back up to the water, so the view is insanely gorgeous. Last year we were on a stream, but the view was still just so pretty and peaceful.



Along with a stay at Huttopia, here is a list of 5 things you can do with your family while you’re staying in the White Mountains!

  1. Mount Washington Auto Road – this drive is gorgeous, very windy, probably the most nerve racking drive I’ve ever been on, but it is totally worth it! Once you’re at the top the view is incredible and the topography is totally different from that of down below. I highly recommend this drive! There is a gift shop and a place to grab a bite to eat once you’re there. But we just parked and went down one of the trails for a bit! You can see some of the photos from our time atop Mount Washington HERE
  2. Mount Washington Cog Railway – if you’re not up for taking the scenic drive up Mount Washington and you’re willing to pay, take the Cog Railway! This allows you to just sit back and take the view in instead of being anxious about the drive!
  3. Conway Scenic Railroad – this is an awesome excursion for the family, it’s like stepping back in time! You have three routes you can choose from, along with coach or first class options. If you choose first class you get to dine in a beautiful old fashioned dining car!
  4. Cranmore Mountain Resort – keep in mind you’ll need close-toed shoes for this outing, but it is a fun one! Cranmore offers a variety of adventures; a giant swing, a mountain coaster, inner tubing, zip lining and an aerial adventure ropes course for the older ones.
  5. Canon Mountain – The 80-passenger aerial tramway whisks you above timberline to the 4,100-foot summit for outstanding views of the White Mountains and into Maine, Vermont and even Canada!



Basically, would I recommend a trip to Huttopia in the White Mountains, you bet I would. It’s the type of place you easily want to make an annual tradition out of! And well, we just might!


*Our stay was hosted by Huttopia, but our thoughts are ours and honest.

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