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Getaway House, with kids.

Getaway house with kids

I’ve long admired the design of the tiny homes from Getaway. That large window facing out into the woods, regardless of what location you book at, it’s so picturesque and tranquil.

Getaway house with kids

Getaway has locations in Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, New York, Cleveland, Portland, DC, and Los Angeles and they make for a perfect romantic getaway and the perfect escape for a family with kids!

Getaway house with kids

We had the pleasure of taking a getaway from Boston, so about an hour and a half drive north brought us to the town of Epsom, New Hampshire. There settled in the middle of nowhere is the Getaway property. Here is a little from our time with Getaway.

Upon booking your destination, you’ll receive a text telling you your cabin name and security code to enter in.

Once you’re inside, you’ll find a wooden box for you to place your phones so you can disconnect from the hectic business that being plugged in can do to us.

With a tiny kitchenette, you have everything you need to keep yourself from leaving the woods for a few days.

The beds are super comfortable, the little cabins for four (we squeezed six) are fitted with a bunk bed, both top and bottom are a queen-size bed.

You need nothing else besides nature, the window view, and your loved ones. Best getaway you can ask for, truly.

Our stay was hosted by Getaway, but all thoughts are our own!


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