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Denmark was on my list of destinations, but it wasn’t very high. It was probably lowest out of all of Scandinavia, and I just don’t know why. I think it’s because I hadn’t seen a lot of it or heard of anyone else really traveling through there. But I was so wrong. Denmark is just lovely in every single way.

We arrived in Copenhagen for our first few days. We stayed here and the location was perfect. Every day we could walk wherever we wanted to go and the bakeries and fruit stands were always our first choices. We were also right down the street from the train station in Copenhagen, so for our jet lagged bodies, this was fantastic. We could stay up after the city went to sleep and wander around the station people watching and eating more pastries. A walk through the train station would bring you out right in front of Tivoli basically the most magical theme park in the world. It is actually where Walt Disney visited to get ideas for his own Disneyland, as he wanted to capture some of the enchantment that Tivoli holds. It’s important to note that there is an entrance fee and then an additional price for either individual rides or an unlimited amount.

After the first few days we drove out to Billund, home of the lego brick and lego house and legoland. You get it. Our boys are lego obsessed, especially Jude, so this was a highlight of not just this trip, but also of his life. We stayed in these cabins (you have to pay for beddings and towels, they’re not included in the room fee. ok, what? Who travels with bedding?) We spent Jude’s 7th birthday at LEGO house . This place is awesome and totally worth a visit. You can and will spend a whole day here and still have not played in all of the different areas they have set up for building. It’s really impressive! Not to mention the restaurant where you build your order out of lego bricks and then you watch a little tv of lego figurines making your lunch and then robotic arms deliver it down to you in a giant LEGO. We also went to LEGOLAND, we’ve never been to one before and it was cute. We ran out of time to ride everything, but it was a fun day for the kids which means it was a fun day for us. Planning days where everything you do is on the kids’ level is really important to keeping their attitude up during the days filled with things they might not be as interested in. We try to do a good mix of both, as moderation is key to everything in life.

We stayed in Odense for a few nights, birthplace of Hans Christian Anderson and the town where he grew up. Our children love his fairytales, we’ve been reading them regularly for a solid three or four years, so going to his childhood home and birthplace was fun for the kids and even interesting to them, because they already felt like they knew who we learning about. Plus, as we drove through the Danish countryside we listened to his fairytales on Audible and that was a fun way to to tie the whole lesson on him together.  There is also a wonderful ride at Tivoli that takes you through each of his stories. It was so very sweet and special.

We also loved our stay in Ribe, its so old and gorgeous. In fact, we hope to come back to Denmark for a prolonged visit, maybe several weeks, someday. And we would choose to spend more time in Ribe and Odense and even Copenhagen which might need a couple weeks itself to really see and do all it has to offer. If you get the chance to go to Denmark, I highly suggest you take it. The food is incredible, you feel safe every single place you go. The people are the kindest and it’s so easily traveled through since nearly everyone is fluent in english. We never had a single issue, gosh I miss it.


We spent our last few days back in Copenhagen and stayed here. We had a dozen things we still wanted to do, but we spent most of our time walking the streets and generally being in awe of the city. We spent every night while in Copenhagen, reading Number the Stars, and it was probably the most prolific experience together as a family. Taking us back to that bustling city in the years when chaos and horror spread through it like wildfire. Just walking the cobblestones in the morning, watching the people go about in peace, really made our hearts ache for all of the lives affected by World War II. Nothing helps you learn like visiting history and I’m so grateful we were able to crossover that bridge from Denmark to Sweden and have our oldest say aloud, “I’ll always remember being in Copenhagen and reading this book with you.” And I hope he does. And I hope we find our way to more stories that help connect us to the world we are traveling through.

Where we stayed – Copenhagen star – Imperial CopenhagenLEGO

What we read –Number the StarsThe fairy tales of Hans Christian Anderson ( and a DVD on his life) –

What we did – LEGO houseLEGOLANDTivoli




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