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In late November we took a four day trip to Avon, Colorado which is right past Vail. We did absolutely nothing. And it was perfect.

We booked a dream vacation through travelzoo and we stayed at the Ritz Carlton . The dreamiest place I’ve ever been! Our days were filled with playing in the snow, naps, walking around Vail and eating Bavarian pretzels. I mean, when can I go back? That’s all I want to know.

Sometimes, just getting away for a few days to somewhere unfamiliar and not really doing anything besides being together is what you need to reset or realign your goals and dreams as a family and for yourself personally.

It’s been a big year for us as far as entrepreneurship goes, I opened up kindred & kin with a co-owner and together our family opened up linden bee . ( I tell the story about how we came to the decision to open up a family toy shop here ).  We were in Colorado the week before our launch of the toy shop, so there was last minute worries and such, which led to quite the fair amount of discussions to make sure we were ready for opening up shop. Nevertheless, it’s pretty prolific to be sitting here at the very cusp of another new year and thinking that 2018 saw us plant two seeds in these little businesses and 2019 will be about us watering the seeds so we can begin to cultivate the blooms that will spring forth in this coming year.  And sometimes the talks that you are able to carryon inside a hotel room or a rental car are so much more clarifying than the ones you have in your own home, where to do lists always run long and a clear mind is usually hard to find. So, I like to get on the road and dig deep with my people and find out where we are all at and where we want to head next, literally and figuratively. Because together is where I want us all to be. Always.

Fancy resorts in gorgeous mountain towns are just the cherry on top of an already special life with these babies and man of mine.

Where we stayed – The Ritz-Carlton Bachelor Gulch



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