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Club Med – Cancun

Traveling is part of our identity. Losing it this past year has been  something we have grieved over.  We know not all might be ready to start traveling again, but we are. It’s our goal to get back to the life we love and to show others that there is a way to travel safely. We had the pleasure of being invited to Club Med Cancun to see their safety protocols and their new program called Safe Together.  We had the absolute best time, the most joy we’ve had in a year and we weren’t worried about our health or safety one bit!

Safe Together

Here’s a look at some of the Safe Together commitments to make sure your experience is as healthy as possible.

~ guests and all staff where protective face coverings

~ Temperature checks throughout the day, before you can enter any of the restaurants.

~open air dining

~ reduced resort capacity (during our stay it was at 25%)

~ hand sanitizer readily available

~ a Doctor and nurse are available at all times

Club Med really has gone to such great lengths to keep the resort running smoothly and safely while not compromising the overall feel of being on a restful vacation.

The Property at Cancun

The resort is gorgeous, we absolutely loved the layout and the ambiance that was carried throughout the entire grounds. The family area called Aguamarina, was quiet and serene. All of the properties are ocean front and on the ground floor you have a private little yard. Direct access to the ocean from all of the buildings, too. We loved waking up and immediately going down to dip our toes in the water before heading to breakfast.

We had so much space in our room, with two bedrooms (two twins and a king) and extra twin beds brought in for our comfort, the six of us each had a great space to sleep in and we still felt that the room was so spacious.

Our ground floor room had an outside shower which we loved for a rinse off, because sand inside the hotel room is not a good thing!

We loved that the Aguamarina was so close to the restaurant for breakfast and lunch, because with hungry kids and food offered all day, you always had an easy option to stop in for some fresh fruit juice or a delicious Mexican meal.

The food

Now that I’m thinking about that food again, I’m starving.

We loved that the variety always changed and that everything we tasted was seriously so good. Our eldest ate more than he has in his life and we all always had to talk ourselves out of second and third helpings.

With all but the dinner buffet open air dining, we felt no worries about being around others, though we were never seated anywhere closer than 4 tables apart from another party.

The food is delicious, but the ice cream! Truly Club Med ice cream is the very, very best!

There are two pools and a splash-pad for kids!

Aguamarina has a gorgeous pool for families with a wonderful wading area and splash fountain. It was always so quiet and the view here, especially during sunset, is incredible. There’s a great pool bar and the kids loved the popcorn cart.

At the main resort area you can find another large pool and a great layout for live entertainment and another poolside bar for drinks and snacks.

The Kids Club (ages 4-17) utilizes the splash-pad during their daily schedule, but when they’re not using it, anyone else is welcome to use the slides and the play area. This was our kids favorite part of the resort! We loved that it offered shade area and that it had slides large enough for our 9 and 11 year old as well as areas and a slide for the younger children.

The Beach

The main beach is amazing, white, soft sand and the waves were always so much fun (but at times could be too strong to get in the water). It’s such a great area for shell searching, we found so many really pretty ones. The beach is private for just Club Med guests and with reduced capacity at the resort, we were usually alone on the beach.

Club Med Cancun is home to the second largest coral reef in the world, we weren’t able to snorkel because of the current each day while we were there (early February), so we want to get back to check out the underwater beauty sometime in the future.

Family Activities

On the resort they have unlimited waterskiing for 18 and older. The family can use the sail boats or the kayaks (I believe age 8 and up). Archery and trapeze are also available during set times for anyone. We didn’t work up enough courage (in truth we just ran out of time because we had so much fin doing everything else!) but we want to make sure to go back to try out the trapeze part when we go back to snorkel and grab some more ice cream 😉

There is also live entertainment every night, the actors are the resort staff that you interact with during the day. You really get a special time here at Club Med, we likened it to being similar to a cruise ship, but better! We really loved that we saw the same faces all day every day and that they all seemed to love their jobs.

We were the guests of Club Med, but our time was truly incredible and absolutely honest. We’d go back a hundred times – in fact, how fun would it be to tour through all the resorts to see the same Club Med culture amidst the cultures of the world?? It was honestly one of the best vacations we have ever had and we recommend a trip to Club Med even during this time of healing around the world.




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