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Belmond Charleston Place

If I could live in any hotel in any city, it would for sure be Belmond Charleston Place.

We absolutely love this little haven in one of America’s oldest cities, Charleston. This adorable city is so colorful, rich with history (perfect for homeschooling families who want a traveling trip to be extra educational), and the food can’t be beat. There isn’t a wrong time of year to visit Charleston, though our trip in August was more humid than I would like – it’s still gorgeous and you can always find ways to cool off down by the water, that famous Pineapple fountain at the Ravenel Waterfront park would be nice for a quick cool down, or pick up some ice cream while you walk around.

We recently stopped in to Charleston for a couple of nights after staying in Palmetto Bluff. We knew that we didn’t want to go to South Carolina without stopping by our favorite city and it only makes sense to stay at our favorite place while here. We stayed here February of 2020 and we had the best time and we share our favorite things to do in Charleston with our kids. Isn’t it crazy how much kids grow in 18 months time??

We love that Charleston Place is directly located on King St., so a quick walk out of the lobby and you’re in the heart of the city. Dozens of eateries and shops are all an arms length away. For the best food recommendations, check out Blushing Alpacas blog, she lives in Charleston and shares everything you could ever want to know about the Holy City.

When you stay at Belmond, if you’re not looking to leave the city proper, you don’t even need your own car. Getting around by foot is the best way to really see the architecture and get a feel for the city. That is primarily what we did this time, because 48 hours in the city is a great amount to soak up the ambiance, but we didn’t want to try to throw too many activities into our stay here. There’s always next time, right? If you’re out for a city walk, we recommend stopping by Rainbow Row, the longest street of Georgian Row houses in the country, plus their pastel colors make for great photo opportunities. If you want to venture around South of Broad and The Battery are great walks with gorgeous houses, too.

We love the pool at Belmond and we were so excited that our daughter officially became a swimmer on our stay here! This is one reason why I believe where you stay, makes a difference. An already special place to us became even more special as its now the backdrop to one of her proudest accomplishments. The roof is a retractable glass roof, which is amazing. In the winter is closed up and keeps the room the perfect temp. I believe it’s normally open in the summer, but for our stay it remained closed. Which was fine by us, because it looks pretty regardless. There is plenty of rooftop lounging available¬†outside with a little bar for beverages.

This time we had two connecting rooms, one with two queens and one with a king. Both had tremendous views of the street below, where windowsill-perched-people watching is always recommended. I love the decadence of the rooms and the big amoire that is in each room, makes you feel like you can happily unpack to enjoy your stay. The kids favorite part was the little tent that Belmond surprised them with. If you stay here, make sure to ask about the tent. We have been spoiled with this at a couple of hotels now and it really makes for a sweet memory for your child. Late night movie watching becomes more exciting and you may even have a child that wants to spend the night inside of it, I know that I always do.

Charleston is such an iconic city and it really holds so much of American History here, I think spending your nights in a place that holds true to honoring this place and its heritage is so valuable. Our second stay was just as lovely as the first and we are so grateful to have added more family members together within this jewel of Charleston.

Always grateful for our friends over at Belmond Charleston Place for hosting our little (though slightly bigger than most) family. We are forever appreciative.





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