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Amelia Island, Florida

Sometimes you just need to find that little place on the earth that instantly feels like you could go back over and over and never tire of it. We didn’t know that is what we would find on Amelia Island, but it was waiting for us when we got there. I have an extensive list of where I want to go, and the outer barrier islands of the east coast is one of those random things I really want to visit. Amelia is the southernmost island and they go up through North Carolina, one day we hope to road trip and visit them all or maybe it will just be over the course of years checking one off of the list as we go, but Amelia was a good place to start. 

It is pretty, low key and gives you everything that a little island vacay could or would. We ate at delicious restaurants, danced in the sea while a storm brewed over our heads, and laid poolside in the hot summer heat beneath the canopy over our heads. If I was to pick a type of vacation, island getaway isn’t ever going to be my top choice, but when it is done right it could easily make me change my mind. 

They filmed the movie, Pippi Longstocking, here on the island, so the little town and her house, Villa Villekula, were fun to spot and point out to the kids. And it was certainly making us giddy for our trip to Sweden later in the year, where Pippi was written 🙂 

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