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Aberdeen, Scotland – with kids

Aberdeenshire is some of the prettiest countrysides in the UK and even better than that is it has more castles per square mile than anywhere else in the United Kingdom. A road trip through either the inland or water route will take you to over 200 castles.

The only castle we were able to go see was Craigievar Castle, you can do more than just stop by, you can also stay here! Don’t miss this blush castle, it’s the inspiration for Walt Disney’s Cinderella’s Castle.

I wish I could give you a list of castles we think you’d love the most with your kids- but next time we go to Aberdeenshire, that will be our mission.

Aberdeen Scotland With Kids

You’d need a good long time in the area to really be able to appreciate them all. We mistakenly only planned two days here, so we will have to visit again for an extended period next time we go. We recommend not overlooking Aberdeen, Scotland, with kids, especially, on your next trip!

Aberdeen Scotland With Kids

Aberdeen is home to a beautiful University, where its front gate is worth a stop for a photo op!

Aberdeen Scotland With Kids

Our time in Aberdeen was hosted by the gorgeous 5 star Marcliffe Hotel and Spa. The property covers several acres of countryside and deer are known to wander around the outside of the Hotel. The Marcliffe has mastered a first-class feel with the humble Scottish feel. Everything is gorgeous without being overly decadent, making the place feel like home, though more luxurious than most.

Aberdeen Scotland With Kids

One of the things that stands out at The Marcliffe is the fixed room rate, the owner keeps the rooms a set price, nonfluctuating on-demand or season. This allows his guests to come back again and again always knowing what the price of their stay will be. I just think that it’s incredible that instead of trying to gain more revenue during high seasons, he keeps it a loyal price to commit to having loyal guests.

Aberdeen Scotland With Kids

Each of their hotel rooms is decorated differently and the beds are some of the most comfortable beds I’ve ever slept on!

Aberdeen Scotland With Kids

The Marcliffe has a large Drawing Room Bar and Lounge with a fire always roaring, so you can easily find a way to warm up and relax after coming in from the Scottish chilled air.

Aberdeen Scotland With Kids

You can have afternoon tea at The Marcliffe, though it’s quite popular, so make sure to book your tea time upon arrival.

Do you know where tea time began?

Afternoon tea was introduced in 1840, in England by Anna, the seventh Duchess of Bedford.┬áThe evening meal in her household was served at eight o’clock, and between the hours of lunch and dinner, she would find herself very hungry. The Duchess began asking for a tray of tea and small sandwiches (it was before this that the Earl of Sandwich created the idea of putting a filling between two bread slices.) and cake to be brought to her. And like the lady she was, she invited her friends to join her.

We love stumbling upon Tea time while in the U.K., it just feels otherworldly as an American and if you haven’t had the pleasure of enjoying an afternoon tea, we highly recommend it. It is enjoyable for the entire family. An assortment of sandwiches might not make your children happy, but the assortments of cakes and scones certainly will.

We dined in the hotel’s restaurant for both breakfast and dinner, during our stay.

The breakfast was a wonderful assortment of cereals and pastries and juices as well as a full menu of warm items.

Dinner was delicious, I highly recommend you not miss out on this experience!

Aberdeen Scotland With Kids

The property of the Marcliffe is so beautiful that it was nice to just stroll around, even when it was sprinkling because everything is well manicured and the children had so much fun pretending they lived in this giant manor of a house.

The Marcliffe is the perfect place for a holiday, I know we will cherish our time here for a long, long time.

Our stay was gifted, but our thoughts are our own and we can’t wait to visit The Marcliffe again!

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